Personal Safety Products: Effective, Easy-to-Use Protection for Modesto, CA Residents

At Gibraltar Security, your safety is our business. We provide a comprehensive selection of personal safety products for residents of Modesto, CA and the surrounding area. 

Crime is an unfortunate part of our society. According to FBI crime statistics, in the US a violent crime takes place on average once every 22 seconds. While dangerous situations sometimes can’t be avoided, they can always be defended. Thinking one step ahead and being ready for any kind of situation is always our recommendation for Modesto, CA area residents.

It’s been said that “the best offense is a great defense,” and at Gibraltar Security, we offer the latest in personal safety devices that put you on the offensive.

Comprehensive Personal Safety Products 

Gibraltar Security offers a wide selection of leading personal safety brands for women, men, college students, seniors, runners, real estate agents and more. Our personal security products are affordable and practical for home, workplace or campus security. We provide the following types of non-lethal and legal self defense products to Modesto, CA residents:

  • Stun Guns
  • Pepper Spray
  • MACE®
  • TASER®
  • Personal Alarms
  • Animal Repellents
  • Home Protection
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Diversion Safes
  • Survival Gear

About Self Defense 

Ideally, self defense is about deterrence. The way you conduct yourself can act as a major deterrent to a potential attacker. Criminals size up their potential victims, and decide within seconds whether to pursue you or leave you alone. By the same token, you should be able to size them up quickly, too. Being aware of your surroundings and the behavior of those around you allows you to identify a potential attacker, and decide in an instant whether verbal self defense is sufficient, whether to run away, or whether you need to use your device to subdue them.

Hopefully you will never have to use your self defense device. Carrying a stun gun, Taser or pepper spray canister does not mean that these devices should be used at the slightest hint of a confrontation - they are intended to be used only as a last resort. Although these devices are designed to be non-lethal, they are still weapons, and they have the potential of being fatal if not used properly.

Please note that if you ever end up using a Taser, a stun gun or pepper spray to defend yourself, it is essential to file a police report, to document what has occurred and protect yourself in the event of legal proceedings.

Selecting a Personal Security Device

When deciding which personal security device to buy, there are many factors for Modesto, CA residents to consider. First of all, think about whether you are capable of carrying one. Are you mentally fit? What type of self defense product do you think you could handle if a dangerous confrontation were to occur? 

At Gibraltar Security, we recommend that you first arm yourself with information that can help you avoid risky situations and handle yourself properly in the event of an attack. We strongly suggest getting trained in the use of basic self defense techniques and how to handle self defense products, to help build your confidence and judgment, and keep you safer in any situation you may encounter.   

Once you’re ready to select a personal security device, you must decide which type of device is best for you or your family members. The answer will depend on your personal preference. A stun gun provides serious stopping power, and simply brandishing it in front of an attacker can act as a powerful deterrent. A Taser has a slight advantage over a stun gun, because you can engage an attacker from a safe distance. And pepper spray has the advantage of temporarily blinding an attacker, allowing more time for you to escape and call for help. In the end, it comes down to personal choice, and what you’re most comfortable with. Our experienced team at Gibraltar Security can advise you on which device is best suited for your lifestyle and comfort zone. 

Your Trusted Security Provider in Modesto, CA

Gibraltar Security is committed to offering the highest level of safety to residents of Modesto, CA and their families. Our personal security product line is focused on self defense weapons that are easy to use and intimidating to potential assailants, such as stun guns, TASERs, pepper spray and other hand-held devices. We also offer home safety devices including personal alarms, diversion safes, survival gear and video surveillance systems.

You have a responsibility to yourself and your loved ones to ensure your and their safety. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family have the protection you need. Protect yourself today!